Question #2 (Cont') How do people cyberbully others?

Cyberbullying by proxy is when a cyberbully gets someone else to do their dirty work. Most of the time they the others don't know that they are being used by the cyberbully. Cyberbullying by proxy is the most dangerous kind of cyberbullying because it often gets adults involved and people who don't know they are dealing with a kid or someone they might even know.

"Warning" or "Notify Wars" are an example of cyberbullying by proxy. If you click on the warning or notify buttons on the IM screen or e-mail or chat screens, it alerts the ISP or service provider that the victim has done something that violates their rules. If the victim receives enough warnings or notifications, they can lose their account. The service providers are aware of this abuse, and will check to see if the warning were justified. Even so all the cyberbully has to do is make the victim angry enough to say something rude or hateful back. Then, the service provider will then warn them, making it look like the victim had started it. In this case, the ISP or service provider is the innocent accomplice.

Sometimes the victim's own parents aget caught up in it too. If the cyberbully can make it look like the victim is doing something wrong, and the parents are notified, the parents may unknowingly punish the victim. Cyberbullying by proxy sometimes starts with the cyberbully posing as the victim. They may have hacked into their account or stolen a password. They may set up an account pretending to be the victim. But however they do it, they are pretending to be the victim and trying to create problems for the victim with the help of others.

The most typical way a cyberbullying by proxy attack occurs is when the cyberbully gets control of the victim's account and sends out hateful or rude messages to everyone on their buddy list pretending to be the victim. They may also change the victim's password so they can't get into their own account. The victim's friends get angry with the victim, thinking they had sent the messages without knowing they have been used by the cyberbully. But it's not always just one person involved. Sometimes the cyberbully tries to get other people that the victim may know or not know to participate. Sometimes people who do not even know the victim get involved just to be part of the group and not to become a victim themselves.